Nowadays, children from an early age on want to use the Internet. The role of us adults (and especially you as parents) is not to prevent them to do it but to ensure that the children can use it safely.

This network helps those children to get “Internet-literate” without them having to lie about their age (like they do when using more “adult” networks like Facebook or Twitter) or parents to have to worry that their child encounters unwanted adults.

Indeed - and unfortunately - one of the major threats for children on the Internet is that they can get in touch with an adult having bad intentions. Therefore it is vital to teach them early on how to use the Internet (and especially social networks) safely - thus they will acquire the knowledge necessary for their further education. is a platform which helps them to communicate and share with other kids in their age range - adults are not allowed to register. We make sure that adults don't register by our unique video verification system: Each member has to pass this gate before getting access to the platform. The short video proves that our members have the correct age & gender. The video is deleted after successfull registration.

Our goal is that you as parents can let your children use with the good feeling that they are safe there and can learn what the Internet has to offer.

Main features of funtasto
It's all about hobbies, passion and being fan of something/somebody.
Text- and video-chat is available on funtasto
Here you can get to know new places and add your favourite ones.
Games on funtasto - from easy to hard.
You can learn about events in your neighbourhood and create your own events as well.
E-learning (coming soon)
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