FUNTASTO Terms and Conditions

NOTE:  The service is intended only for users who are not older than 16 years.

If you do not understand this text, ask for advice a parent or guardian! If they do not agree to the registration, do not register. You might ask that a parent or a guardian writes an e-mail to us asking for more details at the address We will reply for sure and try to explain that a safe & fun Internet platform is a good thing for young people.


1. ("Funtasto") is operated by FUNDACJA FUNTASTO FUNTASTYCZNY INTERNET, Kopernika 24, 66-500 Strzelce Krajeńskie, Polska.


2. Questions about the operation of Funtasto can be sent by e-mail to


3. Using Funtasto is free. We do not charge any fees. But remember, if you connect to the Internet via a dial-up phone the owner of the telephone will have to pay for every minute of the connection. If you connect to the Internet via a mobile phone remember that this service may generate additional costs related to the amount of data downloaded and to the connection speed. Try not to connect to the Internet by mobile phone, if you are not sure how much it can cost.


4. You can always end using Funtasto, by deleting your account using the appropriate link in your profile.


5. The Terms and Conditions are always available at - If we introduce amendments to the Terms and Conditions, we will send you an information by e-mail. If you do not agree with the new Terms and Conditions, cease the use of Funtasto, by deleting your account.

FUNTASTO - how it works

1. Funtasto can be used only after an account has been set up.


2. After the account has been set up you'll be able to benefit from the full Funtasto service meaning you will be able to put entries such as comments, posts, photos, graphics, videos and links, and play games.


3. We operate fair. Your security is for us of utter importance. We expect the same from you. When registering, please provide us with a real e-mail address and we will send you a link to activate your account by confirming your e-mail address. You have seven days to click this activation link.


4. If the link is not clicked during those seven days, your account will be blocked. You then will receive from us a reminder within one month and if you still do not activate the account, your entries and private data will be deleted permanently.


5. Posted entries will be stored on the server and displayed by Funtasto.


6. With posting an entry you agree to the fact that Funtasto can use it for free in a way that is necessary to conduct the Internet portal Funtasto, including copying and circulating it on the Internet.


7. Remember that copyright also applies online. If you want to include in Funtasto a picture, drawing or video you need the consent of the author and those who are in the picture or video.


8. An account will be valid for as long as you not end of the use of Funtasto by deleting your account.


9. Deleting an account means completely deleting your profile with all entries.


10. While using Funtasto you may not cheat, insult others, hack and spam the website, use and post vulgar words, drawings, films, and dispose of texts, pictures, music and movies, which you do not have the rights to and promote fascism and communism.


11. The administrator can block an account on Funtasto when one of its members publishes illegal content and also has the right to remove or block such illegal content at any time.


1. By creating an account you must provide:

- Nickname

- E-mail address

- First name (optional)

- Country and city where you live

- Date of birth

- Gender

- Photo (optional).


2. For the sake of safety while creating an account you will need to record a short video of yourself in order to enable an administrator to confirm that you are the person you say you are. In the video your face has to be shown to verify gender and age and you will need to imitate a specified movement with your hand(s). The recording cannot be seen by anybody else. Without recording the account will not be active.


3. Funtasto is only for children and teens younger than 16 years, living outside of the USA. Any private data will be used only for the purposes of Funtasto and to verify the age of children and young people. No private data will be made available to third parties.


4. Providing information and private data is completely voluntary but necessary to use Funtasto.


5. Every member can see this data on his/her account and complete and/or amend it there.


1. Complaints concerning the use of the portal Funtasto can be sent by mail to


2. Complaints will be dealt with within 14 days of its receipt by Funtasto.


3. Our answer about the complaint will be sent to you via e-mail.


1. To use Funtasto you need to have a computer with a web browser connected to the Internet, a webcam (internat or external) and access to an e-mail address.


2. On the Internet, you never know who is on the other side, so be careful whom you give your personal data, like address or phone number and do not be afraid to report problems to the Funtasto administrators and your parents/guardians.


3. Like most Internet sites, Funtasto can put on your computer specific little files called cookies. Cookies can be used by Funtasto for example to to keep anonymous statistics of the portal.